2013 Dodge Caravan See attachment

  • 3.6L
  • 6 CYL
  • FWD
  • 591,000 MILES
Hi Hi thank you for your time. I have an 2013 dodge caravan, recently we've notice that on the rear right side near the speakers it's gets very warm. There may even be a slight smell of the heated area. Have you all made any recalls that may be associated with this by any chance.
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Tuesday, October 6th, 2015 AT 10:33 PM

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We don't issue recalls here. That is done by the manufacturer for emissions issues, safety issues, and sometimes Chrysler does that for customer satisfaction issues. On older models with rear heaters, the heater core was behind the right rear side trim panel. They were well-protected from the elements so they rarely corroded or leaked, but there was a huge problem with the metal pipes going to that assembly. They had aluminum quick-connect fittings with a rubber o-ring that would shrink in cold weather and leak. You'd have a small green puddle by the right rear tire. For warranty repairs we were required to use factory parts. They came out with a superseded hose assembly with TWO rubber o-rings that would shrink and leak. If the van was out of warranty, the more effective repair was to throw those expensive hoses away and install regular rubber heater hoses from the front to the rear, with four hose clamps. That cost a lot less and would not leak.

I don't know if a 2013 has the same design, but on those older vans, the nipples on the heater core were on the bottom. No coolant would flow through them until the air was burped out. If you can put up with it, that will happen on its own, but it can take a couple of weeks. An easier solution is to build pressure in the cooling system, either by warming up the engine or by using a hand-pump pressure tester, then you pinch one of the rear hoses with a hose pinch-off pliers, then loosen the hose clamp on that hose. The pinched hose won't let coolant through. The pressure will push coolant through the heater core from the other hose and push the air out by the loosened clamp.
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Tuesday, October 6th, 2015 AT 11:32 PM

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