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April, 21, 2011 AT 7:27 PM

I imported a 2011 Ford f-250 from the USA into Canada. Is there a way to reprogram the IDS to turn on the daytime running lights, or is some hardware modification needed?


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April, 21, 2011 AT 7:58 PM

Why try to incorporate the really stupid design the engineers use? That involves a terribly unreliable computer and a complicated circuit that shines the bright lights at 80 percent of normal brightness into the rear view mirrors of the people in front of you. Very safe! If you can't be bothered to turn on a head light switch; if you prefer the Rube Goldberg method of turning a simple act into a complicated folly, it would be far simpler and WAY more reliable to install a relay that turns the headlights on any time the engine is running. That can be done in a way that insures the tail lights and running lights won't turn on at the same time. After all, you want to blind others, not be seen in fog from behind.

In case you didn't get it from my sarcasm, I have nothing but contempt for the idiots who came up with the idea and for the ridiculous methods they use. You will be doing yourself a favor if you just turn the head lights on yourself. That's what I do in fog and rain. You will also notice how many cars of almost any color blend in with the road so you can't see them from behind until you get close. Why on earth would anyone think headlights are important but tail lights are not?

I wonder how much I miss by having to turn my rear view mirror down so I'm not blinded by GM high beam headlights?



April, 21, 2011 AT 10:42 PM

You obviously aren't quite the expert you purport to be or you would know that, in Canada, the law requires that daytime running lights be enabled at all times on vehicles. So your frivolous answer does not help me at all. Next time, rather than use sarcasm, maybe you should try to research the proper answer, or better still, don't answer at all!



April, 22, 2011 AT 12:09 AM

I DO know that those silly laws are in place. What I don't understand is why people can't pull, turn, or press a button. How lazy have we become? Next you'll be whining about having to turn a steering wheel when you want to turn!

How many times have we seen people driving at night with no tail lights, just two high beam head lights? What you are hoping to do can be accomplished on ANY car with a ten-dollar relay. If you knew what kind of truck you bought, you would shudder at the realization of all the high-priced repair bills that are in your future. I don't fault you or any other owner because our job is to drive the vehicle in a safe manner, not be mechanics. What really frustrates me is that you don't have any choice but to buy these technological nightmares because the insane engineers design this stuff to be so unnecessarily complicated.

Are you aware that the typical repair bill for your truck WHEN the horn stops working is $800.00? There are two computers involved in blowing the horn! One is the instrument cluster and one is the FEM, (Front Electronic Module). How does replacing a ten-dollar relay with two computers benefit YOU? Even the Ford trainers rolled their eyes when they described that circuit to us.

Windshield leaks are common and the water drips into the GEM, (Generic Electronic Module). That's the computer that turns on the dome lights. On all of my vehicles they turn on just fine with a switch. We have computers to close a lift gate or sliding door because that is too difficult. I can't believe people buy one car over another because one has a motor to close a door. A simple thermal timer used to keep the dome light on so you could see to insert the key. Heck, Chrysler had that in the '60s. Today we need a Body Computer to do that. I have written five page articles on the many ways manufacturers have found to rip you off. For one of them, it is very easy, by pressing one button on the scanner, to render your 2002 and newer GM truck not worth repair if you have to replace the radio. You better hope it and those other 46 computers are under warranty.

The only thing you have going in your favor is you didn't get suckered into buying a GM truck. GM is the master at separating owners from their money after the sale. Ford is a little bit more customer-friendly but not by much. Too many people have said "never again" when talking about buying a new GM vehicle. Why do you think they couldn't sell their products? The problem is that's what too many people are saying about whatever brand of car or truck they own.

I know I gave you a sarcastic reply, and I tried to tone it down at the end, and now that I have spoken my piece, I would delete my reply if I could, but we no longer have that ability. I'm sorry for unleashing on you, but please also understand that we read about these things all day long and we get really frustrated that the manufacturers won't build a simple, reliable car for those of us who want one. You are lucky that you can afford a new truck with a warranty. What about the single mother who is trying to get to work to make a better life for her and her kid? She drives a ten to fifteen-year-old car with a ripped seat and bald tires. How do you look her in the eye and tell her if she wants to be warm in winter she will have to buy a new heater control computer for $500.00? What about her defective anti-lock brake wheel speed sensor that costs $55.00 for a Chrysler, but can only be purchased with an entire wheel bearing assembly for her Grand Am for $250.00? And who do these customers get angry with? The mechanics. The mechanic didn't design the car, didn't sell it, and can't control the high cost of new parts and the need to run to the dealer to have every new computer programmed to that car, yet it's his fault that repair prices are going through the roof.

It's easy to hide behind a computer all day and tell people what is likely wrong with their vehicles, but we forget that many of those people are here because they have to choose between food, rent, gas, clothes, and now a very expensive car repair, ... And they can't do all of them. What's worse is when we try to give someone the knowledge to make a repair when we know they are going to damage something else, or at the very least, waste their money on a less-than-satisfactory outcome. I spent too many years in a community college trying to help people in the area who simply could not afford to put their cars back into a safe condition. That was rarely the case before the 1990s and I blame the manufacturers.

Ask any mechanic about his latest horror story from someone disconnecting a battery cable. We've all heard about radios that lock up. Now it's Engine Computers and Security systems. All that's needed is to drag the car, (stuck in park) to the dealership to have the computers unlocked. What a racket! Forget the Mob; why doesn't the government go after the manufacturers that practice this extortion?

Okay, now I need a minute to cool down again. Again, I apologize that you were on the receiving end of that. You deserve an answer and you most likely aren't going to get it in this thread because others will see that a reply was already posted so they might not even read your original question. What I would recommend is for you to simply copy and paste your question into a new thread so it will be seen by the other people on this site. There are many knowledgeable people here but your truck might be too new for them to know the answer. To be sure you get the correct answer, it might be safer to call a dealer but keep in mind even they might not know. Trucks sold by Canadian dealers will already be programmed or set up with the daytime running lights, and U.S. Dealers probably don't get asked that question. If the dealers can't help, ask one of their mechanics for the contact information for one of their training centers. Anything you can think of, those instructors have already heard.



April, 22, 2011 AT 1:16 AM

So what you have just proven to me, and to all the other readers of this thread that you still are unable to provide a simple response to a reasonable question. You should retire while you still maintain what little sanity and reputation you have left.. And thanks for nothing.



April, 22, 2011 AT 1:32 AM

You have a 2011 model. That is so new it will be under warranty so no independent mechanics have worked on one yet. You're looking for an answer to something we haven't seen yet and are likely to never be asked. If you feel like thinking I'm stupid you're going to have to stand in line but I recommended you contact the dealer. How can you possibly argue with that?

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