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May, 27, 2012 AT 1:20 PM

I have purchased a 2011 dodge avenger with 24000 miles on it. I'm at 25000 miles on it now, when parked it makes a noise as I shift through the gears. The car kinda does a kind of push/pull motion and I can hear what sounds like the computer making noise. Shouldn't a car be quiet when shifting through gears? It makes a computer noise, like if ur lowering the window then a thump. Doesn't when shifting to neutral but does when shifting to reverse or park. Also when I move in reverse my brakes make noise, wether I'm hitting the brakes lightly or just tapping them. They make a loud screech. It never does that while in drive. When it happens in reverse it comes and goes. Is this normal? Should I take the car back to the dealership? Thank you for your time guys.


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May, 27, 2012 AT 1:25 PM

It is still under warranty with a bumper to bumper 3-36 from the factory.

Is this a stick or automatic?

It may also be the motor surging making you think it is the trans.

What about this noise? Like a computer?




May, 27, 2012 AT 6:32 PM

Well its automatic. The noise its a computer noise and then it sounds like gears are grinding. Checked the transmission levels. Everything was good. Bout to look under the car n see if I spot a leak. A car with 25000 miles should be shifting real smooth. Not make noise and make that thump sound. It's the same sound my 98 pontiac was making the last to years before it entered heaven. And as for the breaks. It did it this morning but I went in reverse later in the afternoon and it didn't make a peep.



May, 27, 2012 AT 9:01 PM

I suspect you're hearing the solenoids on the transmission. You have a problem when you DON'T hear them. They will sound like a ratcheting sound or sort of like a buzzing noise for about one second when you shift into drive or reverse, and you'll hear it when it downshifts into first gear as you come to a stop. That buzzing is one of the solenoids turning on and off very rapidly to "modulate" or cushion the shift so it's more comfortable. If the solenoid just suddenly turned on or off, it wouldn't hurt anything but the jerking would be uncomfortable.

The brake squeal is a result of using high quality brake pads. It will usually go away when they get hot and it typically gets worse in humid weather. Old, softer pads made with asbestos didn't make that noise. There are lots of little tricks professionals know to do to reduce that noise during a regular brake job and there's lots of things they know to watch out for to prevent causing that noise. Most of them will tell you there's nothing wrong and to live with it until it's time for a brake job. They might be able to reduce it but most cures are not permanent. It's just a fact of life with newer cars.



May, 27, 2012 AT 9:23 PM

Thank for the answers. I was wondering cause sometimes when its hot out n I turn on the car n hit reverse it doesn't tug. But I guess when I shift gears it has to move. It doesn't do it all the time either. Thank you so much for ur input.



May, 31, 2012 AT 8:08 PM

Again thanks for ur answer caradiodoc. U were right it was the soleinoid pack, which was replaced. The car had been leaking and didn't notice till I went under to look. Now when I start the car, put it in drive and take off, it makes a clicking noise when I hit 5 m.P.H. It only does it once tho when the car turns on. Is this normal?



May, 31, 2012 AT 8:28 PM

Usually it's the gasket for the solenoid pack that leaks, not the solenoids themselves, but there's no arguing with success if the leak is stopped.

You should be hearing a buzzing noise for about one second when you shift into drive or reverse. There is a foam rubber cover over the solenoid pack to reduce the noise but you can usually still hear it if you listen closely. I'm not sure what you're hearing at 5 mph but there are a lot of emissions-related valves and switches that do their thing at specific speeds. You might be hearing one of those.

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