2010 Toyota Camry



July, 25, 2014 AT 5:25 PM

I just put 4 new tires on my car and the garage told me I also nee 4 new struts because they are leaking. I'm having a hard time believing that my struts are bad on a 4 year old car. Should I get a second opinion?


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July, 25, 2014 AT 6:19 PM

Yes! Get a second opinion.

Don't tell the second shop what the first ones' diagnosis was. Instead just ask them to check your struts. They'll ask you if you've been having any problems. Your reply should be "No. Just want to make sure that they are in good shape for travelling."

Try to find a shop which will inspect your suspension system (an alignment shop) for FREE.

Please let me know how this turns out.




August, 11, 2014 AT 10:24 AM

Front left ad back right struts are leaking. Took it to a new garage for a second opinion this is what they told me. Can a strut leak and how? How soon should I replace the struts? Thanks.



August, 11, 2014 AT 6:32 PM

Yes, struts can leak. They are filled with either an oil-type fluid or a gas and then sealed. If/when the seal goes bad the oil/gas leaks out and the struts shock absorbing capabilities are lost. In your case where you have one front and one rear strut leaking, you should replace them all. The first shop was correct (but should have explained). So you've now found two shops that you can trust, which will be great next you need repairs.

Thanks for using this site and please call again if you should need advice.

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