My name is brandy and I live in Pittsburgh.

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Hi my name is brandy and I live in Pittsburgh and I bought a used Milan back in may of 2012 and I still haven't found out how. To. Reset my keyless entry code on door. I'm so sad bc I first called the Guy at the dealership who sold it. To. Me. His reply was you have to call Ford BC there is a. Privacy law thatbi can't call the owners and ask them. Anything about the car they traded in. So I said OK but don't u think.U should have gotten that info. Before the trade. But regardless he wasn't helpful and neither was Ford they sent me to some voicemail explaining how. To get a new key made absolutely nothing that had to do with my reason for calling. So you guys are my only hope. Wee looked under the Hood, in the trunk, in the door on the windshield etc and everything is faded and besides if there were numbers I'm sure the previous owners programmed there own code into it. I am also a single mother with 2 babies and I do have AAA but would u believe that the dealership only gave me 1 key for my car and last year from May to October I had used all of my service calls BC I locked me key in the door. But if I had a pin or code for my door I would've gotten right in and woulsve never had to call AAA to begin with. So please help me my email is brandylynn0810
Monday, January 14th, 2013 AT 11:01 AM

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Sometimes dealerships don't get the attention a customer will. Call Ford yourself and complain every week until they resolve the problem. The code isusually reset through the radio or through a computer relaern procedure. Demand that the proper code be sent to your dealer as it is not on the car. The dealership may be blowing you off too as they don't make money off issues like this with used cars. So, Ford is the best way to get them to do something.
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Monday, January 14th, 2013 AT 1:18 PM

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