2006 Nissan Maxima



July, 27, 2011 AT 5:15 AM

I have a 2006 nissan maxima with 156000 miles on it and I use it for a paper route and over the last three months ive had to replace the rear pads 3 times or once a month and I dont understand why ive never had a problem like this before what could cause this?


Front Disc Pads


Rear Brake Pads


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July, 27, 2011 AT 5:54 AM

As the pads wear, it's very common for a ring of dirt or rust to build up around the part of the piston that self-adjusted out past the square-cut seal. You have to push the piston back in to make room for the new thicker pads. Doing so runs that ring of dirt under the seal where it catches causing the piston to stick and not release after braking. Two things that will prove this is happening are those brakes will be real hot after driving and if you stop on a slight incline, shift to neutral, and release the brake pedal, the car won't creep downhill on its own. Since this started with the new pads, the cure is very likely to be new or rebuilt calipers.



July, 27, 2011 AT 6:39 PM

Ok I thought that was it and I tried that so far they havent been sticking. I wish they were lol cause atleast I know thats an easy fix lol but no matter how many times I put it in neutral it rolls everytime. I kinda think it could be the proportioning valve or the electronic brake force distribution system messing up but I dont know anything about those systems and abs still works so I dont know where to begin

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