I heard an unusual "clanking" sound when.

  • 2006 LEXUS GS 300
  • 100 MILES
I heard an unusual "clanking" sound when accelerating and discovered that my rear driver's side brake caliper had sheared the lower cylinder slide pin. This allowed the caliper to swing back in acceleration and "clank" against the inside of the wheel.

I removed the caliper from the mount, disconnected the fluid line, unpinned the brake pads and attempted to pull the cylinder slide from the caliper. No luck.

? Is there a trick to freeing the slide pin from the caliper, or am I better off just buying a new caliper?

Ive tried tapping it out, also tried to unscrew it, but it doesn't seem to be threaded.

Thanks in advance for any responses!
Tuesday, January 8th, 2013 AT 6:51 AM

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I'd recommend a different caliper. There's some major corrosion going on there. The housing should slide on that insert. As corroded as that looks, the bolt probably got stretched apart when the insert couldn't slide.

Normally those inserts come with the caliper, but if you have to buy them separately, be sure to lubricate them with high-temperature brake grease to prevent that from happening again.
Was this
Tuesday, January 8th, 2013 AT 7:40 AM

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