2006 Honda CRV



May, 25, 2011 AT 2:08 PM

3 of the 5 brake lights will not work when I compress the brake. They do however light up when I turn the headlights on (but when I hit the brake only 2 of them get brighter). I have checked the bulbs and they are all good. I just checked the fuses last night and nothing was out (but my radio doesn't work now). I looked at the brake light switch and it seems fine. I am not exactly sure how it is supposed to look but the button would go in and out with ease when I hit the brake. Could you give me some theories on why my lights are doing this and how to fix it?


1 Answer



May, 25, 2011 AT 2:16 PM

The brake lights and taillights are on 2 different circuits within the same bulb. How did you confirm the bulbs are good?

Since some of the brake bulbs are working, that indicates the the switch and fuses are good. Switch the bulb with the ones that are working to test. I would say the bulbs are bad.

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