Were is the ECU located on a Dodge Durango

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Were is the ecu located on a Dodge Durango. 2006
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Certain ABS systems rely on having the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) broadcast the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) over the bus network. To prevent problems of DTCs and other items related to the VIN broadcast, it is recommend that you disconnect the ABS CAB (controller) temporarily when replacing the PCM. Once the PCM is replaced, write the VIN to the PCM using the scan tool. This is done from the engine main menu. Arrow over to the second page to "1. Miscellaneous". Select "Check VIN" from the choices. Make sure it has the correct VIN entered before continuing. When the VIN is complete, turn off the ignition key and reconnect the ABS module connector. This will prevent the setting of DTCs and other items associated with the lack of a VIN detected when you turn the key ON after replacing the PCM.
Use the scan tool to reprogram the new PCM with the vehicles original identification number (VIN) and the vehicles original mileage. If this step is not done, a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) may be set.


The PCM (2) is attached to the right-front inner fender (1) located in the engine compartment.

To avoid possible voltage spike damage to the PCM, ignition key must be off, and negative battery cable must be disconnected before unplugging PCM connectors.

Disconnect and isolate the negative battery cable.
Remove both wiper arms.
Remove wiper cowl (two screws, four pins).
Remove wiper cowl support (three bolts).
Remove air intake tube (four nuts).
Carefully unplug the four 38-way connectors (3) from PCM.
Remove three PCM mounting bolts (4), and remove PCM from vehicle.


Position PCM (2) to vehicle.
Install three PCM mounting bolts (4).
Tighten bolts to 3-5 N.M (30-40 in. Lbs.).
Check pin connectors in the PCM. Also check the four 38-way connectors (3) for corrosion or damage. Repair as necessary.
Install the four 38-way connectors (3) to PCM.
Install air intake tube (four nuts).
Install wiper cowl support (three bolts).
Install wiper cowl (two screws, four pins).
Install both wiper arms.
Connect negative battery cable.
Use the diagnostic scan tool to reprogram new PCM with vehicles original Identification Number (VIN) and original vehicle mileage. If this step is not done, a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) may be set.

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