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How do you re program the key fob after changing its battery?

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Friday, September 13th, 2013 AT 9:15 AM

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Here is how to do it.


All Sentry Keys Included With The Vehicle Are Pre-Programmed To Work With The Sentry Key Remote Entry System (SKREES) When It Is Shipped From The Factory. The Sentry Key Remote Entry Module (SKREEM) Can Be Programmed To Recognize Up To A Total Of Eight Sentry Keys. When Programming A Blank Sentry Key Transponder, The Key Must First Be Cut To Match The Ignition Lock Cylinder Of The Vehicle For Which It Will Be Used. The Vehicle's Four Digit PIN Code Will Be Required To Complete This Task Since You Will Need It To Enter The Secured Access Mode In The SKREEM. The Following Steps Must Be Completed Using A DRBIII(R) Scan Tool:

Insert the blank key into the ignition and turn it to the RUN position.
Using a DRBIII(R) scan tool, select "Theft Alarm, " "SKREEM, " "Miscellaneous, " and then "Program New Key."
Enter the four digit PIN code using the DRBIII(R) scan tool. When programming is completed, the SKREEM will exit Secured Access Mode and the DRBIII(R) scan tool will display the results of your attempt to program the key. One of five distinct results may be displayed. All five are listed below:
"Programming Successful" is displayed if the Sentry Key programming is successful.
"Learned Key in Ignition" is displayed if the key in the ignition has already been programmed into that vehicle's SKREEM.

"Eight Keys Already Learned (At The Maximum) Programming Not Done" is displayed if eight keys have already been programmed into the SKREEM. In this case, if a new key needs to be added due to a lost or defective key, the "Erase All Keys" command (which requires entering the Secured Access Mode) has to be performed. Following the "Erase All Keys" command, all keys that will be used to operate the vehicle MUST be reprogrammed to the SKREEM.

"Programming Not Attempted" is displayed after an "Erase All Keys" function is executed.
"Programming Key Failed" is displayed if further diagnosis is required.
To Learn Additional Keys, Turn The Ignition OFF, Remove The Learned Key, Insert The Next New Blank Key, And Repeat The Steps From The Beginning.

Please let us know what happens.

Cheers, Ken

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