Immediately the check engine light came on

  • 120,000 MILES
Any Advice to what might tie all of these issues together so we can fix the real problem, not just the symptoms? I have had my 2005 altima se 6 cyl in the garage 5 times in the last 2 weeks for a grand total of 2200$. I picked it today and nearly immediately the check engine light came on. The original issue was the ipdm and fuel pump. They were replaced and the next day we were back for a check engine light which showed a misfire in one cylinder, the ignition coil was replace.

The next 4 times were all for misfires as well. At this point half of the spark plugs, all of the ignition coils and some gasket have been fixed. The new code is throwing for the catalytic converter! The car is shaking which the mechanic says may just be worn engine mounts. But on top of all of this there are minor issues we have just been dealing with such as dead shift solenoid, and no interior lights which no mechanic or dealer has ever been able to figure out! I am at my wit's end and need some help!
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Saturday, March 3rd, 2012 AT 4:17 AM

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It sounds like you have a lot of issues.
The engine mounts are notorious for failing as they are bags filled with oil and they have a pump that makes them stiffer as the car goes faster. Once one fails the extra load on the others makes them fail. So, you MUST replace all of them including the transmission mount at the same time. I would recommend changing over to some aftermarket poly-urethane mount inserts of full poly mounts.

I have not seen a supplier for inserts but I believe www. Innovativemounts. Com can make you a set for cheaper than the stock ones as the stock ones are several hundred dollars for a set, over $ 500+. You might have to tell innovative mounts that they have the mount specs even though they don't keep them in stock. I know this because they took a set of stock mounts from me and made me a set of mounts back in 2004.

So, you might mention that. Otherwise look around the internet for poly=urethane motor mount inserts or poly-urethane motor mounts if you don't have success at innovative mounts. It has been a while but they should still have the specs as it costs a lot to make the drawings and program for the CAD machine to make them. They will last forever and you are incredibly lucky to have yours last this long and they probably failed long ago and the motor has been moving around. Possibly doing things like damaging the converters which there are four of I believe. They are to cheap and I would go to a muffler shop first and see if you can find an exhaust leak near one of the converters and have it welded. That does not mean the converter is not bad, it is just something you should look for first.

The interior lights are probably not working because of a bad door switch which turns on the lights when the door is open or the security/key fob light timer function box which turns on the lights when the key fob is pushed to turn on the lights when unlocked or the timer function which turns off the interior lights after the car is locked. That is a tough one to figure out if it does not throw a code. The door switches can be checked pretty easily and are cheap to replace. The interior light control box that works with the key fob is probably expensive and getting one from a salvage yard is probably the best bet.

One of the best information sources you can go to for these and other issues is an Nissan enthusiast, or Altima, forum. I used to go to www. Altimas. Net I do not know if it is still around but if you search I am sure there is one somewhere. The best thing about enthusiast forums is that it is owners who love their cars and usually fix them themselves and have dealt with issues like yours. They are willing to help if you join and post your question or you can search their archived Q&A.

The tranny solenoid is just another unfortunate issue. If you have not changed the transmission guild every 60,000 miles, that is probably the reason that has happened. All manufacturers recommend services in the schedule need to be followed or things will happen. I can't tell you how many customers who change their oil without fail but do not change their anti-freeze have had to rebuild there engine form problems with the anti-freeze not being changed whether they are in a cold climate or not.

I hope this helps out. Sometimes things do pile up all at once like that. The best thing is to do preventative maintenance, although most of your issues are not related to maintenance issues. If you keep the car after putting money into it to fix these items make sure you follow the manufacturer maintenance schedule and it will save you money and headaches down the road.
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Saturday, March 3rd, 2012 AT 4:46 AM

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