My check engine light is the guy at the dealer.

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My check engine light is the guy at the dealer where I bought the car said it was a sensor the car is running good but iwas wondering should I take it some where to get it check out. Also my steering wheel is making a little noise when I turn is it something that I need to be worried about.
Tuesday, March 5th, 2013 AT 3:20 AM

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You need some punctuation in that huge sentence, otherwise it can be read at least three different ways. First you need to find out what the diagnostic fault code is. Many auto parts stores will do that for you for free. You can also do that yourself by cycling the ignition switch three times from "off" to "run" within five seconds without cranking the engine, then read the codes as they show up in the odometer display.

Understand too that fault codes never say to replace parts. They will often reference a sensor but they only indicate the circuit or system that needs further diagnosis.

Noises in the steering and suspension systems must never be ignored. Often they are caused by minor things but to know for sure it isn't something that is going to separate leading to loss of control and a crash, have it inspected at a tire and alignment shop.
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Tuesday, March 5th, 2013 AT 3:32 AM

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