2005 Dodge Neon



July, 17, 2011 AT 3:03 AM

I traced (I think) my overheating 2005 Neon down to bad fans. Both the cooling + condenser fans have voltage at the plugs, and spin - but only if you tap the blades and start them spinning! Also, they spin very slowly, not fast enough to cool the engine and it still overheats when you are stopped for a few minutes in traffic. Will worn bearings cause a fan blade to spin very slow and weak? Also, when should the cooling fan spin - when the engine gets to a certain temperature? A worker at Auto Zone said that with the AC on, booth fans should spin. Without AC, just the cooling fan. Another thing - every 15 0r 30 seconds or so, I hear a loud "click" and the AC fan gets a sudden burst of speed and the engine shudders (jumps) at the same time.

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July, 17, 2011 AT 3:37 AM

The fans are failing due to worn carbon brushes.

When A/c is operated, both fan should work when compressor is engaged.

The click and sudden judder is the compressor coming on which would add load on the engine.

Cooling fans would operate only when the fan switch is triggered which the coolant has reached a certain temperature.

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