All I was able to take some current.

  • 2005 ACURA MDX
  • 70,000 MILES
Hi All
I was able to take some current draw readings since my MDX battery would drain over the weekend.

Turned off current draw: 350mA
Removed fuse 1 in underhood subfuse box: drops to 230mA

Turned off current draw: 350mA
Disconnected bluetooth module: drops to 120mA (battery still drained)
Removed fuse 1 in underhood subfuse box: drops to 20mA **

Fuse 1 says Rear entertainment system (car does have a DVD player)

Any suggestions on which parts maybe an issue?

Thanks for your help
Monday, January 21st, 2013 AT 11:56 PM

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I'm suspecting that you didn't let the modules go to sleep. Some can take up to 45 minutes to sleep.

Here is the correct procedure.

First rig any door switches so you can have a door open without triggering the interior lights and unplug the hood light. Remove one battery cable and attach the meter in series between the battery cable and battery post. Take the jumper wire and also attach it the same way. Leave the jumper wire on for at least 10 minutes to expire all the automatic timers. Now remove the jumper wire and read the meter. Anything over 50ma is too much draw. The way you locate this is to start removing fuses one at a time until the meter drops to normal level. This will be the circuit with something staying on. Determine what components are part of that circuit and check them individually until the problem is isolated.
Was this
Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013 AT 12:16 AM

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