2004 Suzuki XL7



May, 24, 2011 AT 2:33 PM

First. Where exactly is it located?

I've heard it has no actual tube. That is located behind the front grille on the AC low side. And that it has to be vacuumed.

I've also heard its on the firewall. And its a small tube coming out.

Which of these is correct and how do I access it? Do I need to replace any special clips? Do you have a diagram of the location?

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May, 24, 2011 AT 6:38 PM

It is a rubber tube that is located on the passanger side of the firewall. It will have a 90 degree bend in it facing down. THat is where dirt cloggs it. Take your hands and move the hose around and the water should start coming out. If that doesn't work, you may need to used something to "snake out" the hose.



May, 26, 2011 AT 10:02 PM

How do I access it? Does my car have to be on a lift? Can it be reached from underneath the passenger side? Do the covers inside the fender well need to be taken off?



April, 2, 2015 AT 11:18 AM

JacobandNickolas I checked that tube and it seems clear and dry. I have a small leak coming thru the firewall next to where this tube pokes thru the firewall. All the way over to right-hand side. Along the vertical seam where the firewall meets the kick panel (or whatever that interior area is called). It's not wet above or around this corner. Just the SEAM is slightly damp and then the water starts to collect down at the bottom right-hand corner of the passenger floor. Any suggestions on where else I can check to see how/where exactly the water is getting in? Inner fender? Strut tower? Other tubes or drains? Thanks, Josh

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