E60 525D YEAR

2004 BMW 118d



December, 7, 2010 AT 7:15 PM

There is a very strong burning smell from engine on the right hand side and smoke comes from under the bonnet.

It is not a diesel smell.
No exhaust pipe broken.
Already changed the breather filter for oil.

The interior of the vehicle smells the same.

Can yopu suggest the possible cause


1 Answer


Dr Loot

December, 8, 2010 AT 4:34 AM

There's only two things that it can be, oil or coolant, you will probably have to take the vehicle to a car wash pressure wash the engine to determine where the leak is, tell me what kind of fluids you are adding to the vehicle? ( By the way that diesel BMW is awesome! I have two 528d) I do not have the manual for that specific vehicle ( that's because in mi country where I come from U.S.A. They are too stupid to own a Diesel car) but I am the Diesel expert and I should be able to assist you.

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