2004 Acura TL Over heating problems

  • 2004 ACURA TL
  • 3.2L
  • 6 CYL
  • 250,000 MILES
I bought an Acura from a Nigerian (lives in the US) here in Nigeria

I recently embarked on 7hours journey and 5hrs into trip, my car temperature rose above normal almost to the highest. I managed to get it to a service center and was told the fan was not regulating properly. The immediate solution was to connect the fan directly to the ignition as our weather is really hot. We did this and the temperature dropped.

During my stay I noticed my left head light tripped off. No need for immediate action as I never went out during the dark

On my journey back after several weeks in the visiting city, it started to overheat again just 2hours into the journey and this time the radiator was found to be leaking. We stopped, allowed the engine to cool off and included more coolant, the temp reduced and after 30mins it rose again. We repeated this step 3 times (for 2.5-4hrs)and each time the temp would rise higer (temp rises whilst driving and drops when static) and finally got to an emergency towing unit. We towed the vehicle back to our residential location(3-4hrs) and straight to a service center.

After diagnosis, the radiator, 6 cylinders and ABS was faulty. I was advised to changed the 6plugs and coils, front right callipers, left brake sensors, chaged all brake pads, serviced the nozzles, injectors, put in gear oil, changed engine oil and the repairers insisted I remove the themostat for weather conditions to allow more water/fluid into the engine. The engine came back to normal

Im so sad cos the car begun overheating again today, the gear selection seizes for few secs and acceleration has become too sensitive. After doing all these repairs. Please advise on the durability of the car. Ive been asked to change the Top cylinder Gasket. Is this the solution? Should I invest in this car or just sell it off?

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Wednesday, January 15th, 2014 AT 10:02 AM

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I have to be honest, other than removing the thermostat, there was nothing mentioned that would deal with the overheating. Also, removing the thermostat can actually allow coolant to move too quickly through the system and not have time to cool.

Based on what you mentioned, they worked on the brakes, tune up, fuel system. And not the cooling system. Is there another mechanic that you can visit that you trust?
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Thursday, January 16th, 2014 AT 8:26 AM

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