I have a trouble code P0136 on my daughters 2003.

  • 2003 FORD ESCAPE
  • 105,000 MILES
I have a trouble code P0136 on my daughters 2003 Ford Escape 3.0L. O'Reilly's said "Downstream Heated Oxygen Sensor HO2S 12 Circuit Malfunction Bank 1. Where is Bank 1, by firewall or radiator? Also want to check wire from HO2S to PCM connector to make sure it is OK. Which pin on PCM is it and what is color code of wire? Could you give me the Pinout chart for this model? That would be most helpful. Thanks
Saturday, December 22nd, 2012 AT 5:03 PM

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Possible problems are damaged wire or harness, exaust system leak prior to O2, crossed wires, and most likely problem contaminated or faulty O2 sensor. If you have a single exaust it is the senosr behind the converter if you have dual exaust it's the sensor behind right converter. You really sholdn't try messing aroudn with pcm connections nor O2 connections. You will need a scanner to erase the code when you are finished.
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Saturday, December 22nd, 2012 AT 5:50 PM

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