2003 Dodge Caravan



May, 3, 2011 AT 1:07 PM

Engine is shaking under conditions that could be considered as a heavy load. Shaking is very similar to misfiring but it is not actually as it was checked with computer. No alarms code errors or other sense of sensors failure. It is not a permanent shaking but I can make my engine start doing this by starting air conditioner on engine idle RPM for example (only when engine is hot) or running steady on incline road at 80-90 km/h and very slightly press gas pedal.
I read a lot from previous topics and I have to accept that nothing from that list was checked. I only replace plugs and wires about half year ago.
•Dirty fuel injectors (cleaning the injectors often fixes this).
Bad MAP (manifold absolute pressure) sensor
Bad TPS (throttle position) sensor
Bad or dirty MAF (mass airflow) sensor
Low fuel pressure (leaky fuel pressure regulator or weak fuel pump)
Vacuum leaks (intake manifold, vacuum hoses, throttle body, EGR valve).
Can someone narrow my reserch by symptoms or recommend me a good mechanic in my question.
I live in Toronto. I just do not want to pay for ther air.


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May, 3, 2011 AT 6:19 PM

Go to this link: http://www.2carpros.com/articles/engine-misfires-or-runs-rough



May, 4, 2011 AT 11:12 AM

Thanks for replay I red it already. I will try to do some of visual inspections in upcoming weekend as well as I m reading a lot of related topics from different web sources. Car works fine in all other conditions except those that I mentioned. I brought it to couple mechanics who did not charge a lot for their attempt to diagnose problem with no result.
I do not mind to pay for a good answer and just trying to collect more information to ask a right question to a right person.

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