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Hello -

My CTS will not rev past 2800 RPM. I pulled 2 codes out:

P0058 - HO2S Heater control circuit high bank 2 snesor 2
p0161 - O2 heater circuit bank 2 sensor 2

Can you tell me what does this mean and how I can get this problem with the RPM corrected?

Does not matter if I have it in gear or not, stops exactly at 2800 RPM.

Thanks in advance!

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Wednesday, January 5th, 2011 AT 4:05 PM

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Obviously it has no power, have you had the exhaust tested for possible restriction. Pull the front oxygen sensors and see if the relief brings back power and airflow. Just keep in mind, the engine is limited on what it will free rev in park/neutral. The codes look to indicate you have a possible faulty post cat oxygen sensor on bank 2.

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Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011 AT 5:35 AM

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