2002 Volkswagen Passat



June, 16, 2012 AT 7:03 PM

Anyone familiar with a cam chain tensioner for a vw 2.8L passat? I was putting new urethane bushings on the chain tensioner when the lower end, (the one you screw the compression tool into), fell out. I did not see all the internal parts, but the lower fits inside the main tensioner housing with a spring, that's what I initially found. I cleaned them off and put them back together and reinstalled it. After finishing, I cleaned up a bit and noticed a urethane rod about an inch long, perfectly round, beveled at one end and a bit bigger around than a pencil that is oil stained and has darker stains like where it sat against or inside that spring perhaps. The darker stains resemble a threaded rod, but a little further apart. I have never seen this part prior and have no idea where it belongs, but my best guess is it came from inside the spring that fits inside the lower tensioner that fits in the main tensioner body. Can anyone please verify this? I have had no help from dealers, mechanics or online stuff. Car has been apart for three weeks and is my wife's car. The car initially needed a timing belt, leaky valve cover, tensioner gaskets and a water pump replaced. I did that and all the seals, vacuum and coolant hoses, breather hoses, pvc or breather valve and fluids. This is the last piece needed besides putting the radiator and core support back on. Unfortunately, it will need to be taken apart again to fix this, but I'd more than willing to so I can avoid screwing anything up. HELP! Thanks!


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June, 16, 2012 AT 9:49 PM

Thanks Thomas, I appreciate that more than you know!



June, 16, 2012 AT 11:33 PM

WOW Thomas! That was most certainly above and beyond anything I was expecting! Thanks so much for that! What I believe mine is was what you called the non metallic plunger. So it is definitely missing an internal part. I'm sure I would have paid for that mistake greatly, thank you very very much! Any suggestions with regards to having to take everything apart completely again? Everything I've seen online with one exception says it all has to come apart to get the tensioner out. One blog post says you only have to compress the tensioner and loosen and/or take out the first three cam bearings (caps) and you can get it out. I guess I'm kinda leery about that approach unless you know of it or perhaps an even better way. I don't want to mess anything up by taking a shortcut, but it would be nice if there is one as I don't have all the necessary tools like I did when I started it and thought I finished it. That's why I'm doing it myself and rented tools in the first place due to money. Any suggestions would once again be awesome! Thanks man!



June, 16, 2012 AT 11:49 PM

To get enough slack in the chain to be able to remove the adjuster, I
collapse the adjuster, remove the intake camshaft bearing caps, lift
the camshaft out of its seats and then remove the adjuster from
the chain.

The double bearing cap (#1) needs to be removed, as well as the camshaft
position sensor cover (#27) & tone wheel.


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