2002 Pontiac Grand Am car troulbe

  • 173,000 MILES
I have a pontiac grand am last night after a long

drive I came back to this smoke coming from under

my hood on the back wall in the middle and next to

the left wind shild wiper oil had a burnt smell the

smoke coming from under my hood was very sweet

smelling like oil or anti freeze the engine been had

a deeper than usual sound to it like a truck my

brakes have been rubbing on both sides this iv

known for awhile due to smoke coming from them

i hear some kind of lil hissing noise to when my car

is running like a hose or something the back of my

engine has fresh oil on its wireing and not caked

on oil like on the front of my engine and its wiring

but when I run my engine as far as I can see there is

no leak also there is little chunks in my oil like

metal how ever the smoke coming from my car

didn't come today even after I ran my engine the

smoke is clear but yet cloudy white seems I half to

run my car 5 to 6 mins for it to start smoking like

its overheating but all my oil and stuff is good and

full my transmission oil hasn't been changed in a

year the back of my engine looks like it has a small crack where my main hose comes out but I couldn't really tell its had fresh oil all around that to
Do you
have the same problem?
Wednesday, September 25th, 2013 AT 12:58 PM

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Holy cow! Was that all meant to be one huge sentence? I got confused when reading about a "main hose" and brakes rubbing. Can you elaborate on those? If you retype that with some punctuation, and proofread it, I think I'll be able to help. As it is, it can be read so many different ways and most don't make sense.

I have to head out of town right now but I'll check back as soon as I get home tonight.
Was this
Wednesday, September 25th, 2013 AT 1:29 PM

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