2002 Nissan Frontier



May, 31, 2013 AT 8:03 PM

First started with when accerlerating up hills, it would miss like hesitate to climb hill. Then got to where missing just after being started and would get worse even while driving. Had it checked a good time before got worse at advance auto, said it showed knock sensor and oxygen sensor. I already had a knock sensor so when it had got worse on the missing, my husband and dad are diy's and they replaced the knock sensor and also valve gasket because it also had oil leak, also replace manifold gasket, I think. After the truck was started it was smoking under the hood and from the exhaust. It wouldn't hardly run and even now won't hardly. My son drove to have another test done on it, he said the missing was worse than before and quit on him twice. Advance Auto said it showed a knock sensor circuit too high ( or something like that ) and an engine coolant sensor. Could you help? Thank you very much! If I could I may would give a donation, but my husband is waiting disability and have no idea when he could get it and our income is very low for a family of 5. Your help is greatly appreciated!


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May, 31, 2013 AT 8:49 PM

Just because a code says knock sensor in it doesn't mean the knock sensor is bad. Code readers donr tell u what part to change so having it read at a parts store isn't very helpful. If it says knock sensor circut high voltage it is an electrical problem check to make sure the plug is snapped tight on the sensor and look for breaks in wires leading to knock sensor. However it sounds like there is more then one problem



June, 2, 2013 AT 12:02 AM

A knock sensor fault can cause diveability issues for this vehicle but after replacing the knock sensor, was the trouble codes erased and it came back.

There is a possibility the knock sensor problem had been resolved and what you have is a fault with the spark plugs and/or its related components.

The ECT has to be addressed as well.

Have the codes cleared, go for a drive and retrieve the codes again. Let us know what comes up. We need the EXACT code number to get more information.

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