2002 F250 DIESEL

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Troubleshoot procedure for 2002 f250 7.3 diesel, eng. Will start and stops shortly, fuel filter changed and small amount of power service added with new fuel, fuel tank full plus 10 oz. Of power service additive, please explain test for fuel supply pump and location of power supply circuit, relays, fuses, vehicle is outside, temp. 10 F. Thank you.

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010 AT 12:02 PM

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Able to start but stalling shortly might not be due to fuel system.

Vehicle is equiped with self diagnostics and the first thing you should do is to get a scan done to check for trouble codes.

Here are preliminary checks for non starting or stalling.

1. Visual engine and chassis inspection.

Loose or leaking fuel supply lines.
Kinked or blocked fuel supply lines.
Massive fuel or oil leaks.
Coolant leaks.
Electronic connectors and wiring (particularly camshaft position and injection pressure regulator).
Pinched or open MAP sensor hose.
Pinched or open intercooler hose.

2. Check engine oil level.

3. Check for intake or exhaust restriction.

4. Check for sufficient and clean fuel.

5. Check electric fuel pump pressure. See FUEL PRESSURE.


7. Retrieve Continuous Memory DTCs.


9. Using scan tool, monitor: V-PWR
Check system voltage. If system voltage is low, check battery, charging system, and powers and grounds at PCM.

Low RPM could indicate a starting/charging system problem. No RPM with engine cranking could indicate a faulty CMP circuit.

A minimum of 500 PSI is required before injectors are enabled. No or low oil in reservoir, system leakage, injector "O" rings or faulty IPR could cause pressure loss.

Fuel PW
Even though a 1-6 millisecond fuel pulse width is shown on scan tool to be sent to IDM, it is possible that IDM did not get signal, due to a fault on CID or FDCS circuits or a faulty IDM.

10. Check glow plug system operation.

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