2002 Ford Explorer



July, 27, 2013 AT 9:17 AM

Passenger window will go down but not up. What is the best way to chk for power to motor to see if its working. Can you jumper power so it will go up if motor is good. Is there a pin out for the motor and switch


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July, 27, 2013 AT 9:55 AM

If the motor runs in either direction, it and the wiring are okay. The problem is almost always a burned contact in a switch. The exception would be if there is a Body Computer involved in running the windows. If there is, first check for a broken wire between the door hinges. The clue is the window will usually work from one switch but not the other one.

When you have a driver's switch and a passenger's switch and neither one runs the window in one direction, there can be a burned contact in either switch. They can be popped apart, then use a thin strip of sandpaper to clean both contacts. You'll usually see the black area from the arcing.

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