Leaking gas tank

  • 6 CYL
  • FWD
  • 157,000 MILES
How to change gas tank on 2001 honda acrord v6
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1. Relieve the fuel pressure.

2. Remove the fuel fill cap.

3. Drain the fuel tank: Remove the fuel tank unit (see Fuel Pump Replacement ). Using a hand pump, hose, and container suitable for gasoline, draw the fuel from the fuel tank.

4. Remove the trunk floor and the access panel (A) from the floor. Disconnect the fuel tank 5P connector (B).

Fig. 32:

5. Loosen the rear wheel nuts slightly, then raise the vehicle and make sure it is securely supported.

Remove the rear wheels.

6. Release the parking brake.

7. Remove the catalytic converter.

8. Remove the fuel line cover (A). Disconnect the fuel fill neck tube (B), the fuel tank vapor recirculation tube (C) and the fuel tank vapor control signal tube (D) from the fuel fill lines (E).
Fig. 33:

9. Disconnect the fuel tank vapor vent tube (A) and the quick-connect fittings (B). Disconnect the hose (C). Remove the hose from the line holder (D). Disconnect the hose (E) from the EVAP two way valve (F). Remove the line holder (G).
Fig. 34:

10. If the vehicle has ABS, disconnect the wheel sensor 2P connectors (A); if not, go to step 11.
Fig. 35:

11. Remove the stabilizer bar (A), the heat shield (B) and the parking brake cable bracket (C).
Fig. 36:

12. If the vehicle has rear drum brakes, go to step 14. If it has rear disc brakes, remove the clip (A) and parking brake cable (B), two caliper bolts (C), caliper body (D), and brake hose bracket (E).
Fig. 37:

13. Hook the caliper body (A) on to the damper spring (B). Go to step
Fig. 38:

14. Disconnect the brake line (A) from the wheel cylinder (B).
Fig. 39:

15. Remove the brake drum and brake shoes. Remove the two mounting bolts for the parking brake cable from the backing plate, then remove the parking brake cable using a 12 mm offset wrench.
Fig. 40:

16. Remove the flange bolt (A).
Fig. 41:

17. Place a jack or support under the rear suspension sub frame. Remove the mounting bolts (A) (4 cylinder: four bolts; shown, V6: twelve bolts; not shown). Remove the rear suspension sub frame.
Fig. 42:
Removing Mounting Bolts

18. Remove the bolts (A) and the fuel tank straps (B).
Fig. 43:

19. Remove the lines from the fuel line holder (C).

20. Lift the fuel tank out of the sub frame.

Fuel tank would be stuck to body and after removal of the straps and would require some prying before it would come off.

Reverse procedures for installation.

NOTE : For the part regarding brake cable removal, it might not be necessary to perform evry step, taking the bracket off should be sufficient in most cases.
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