2001 Chevrolet Cavalier



November, 1, 2012 AT 11:16 PM

Hello.I have service engine light, ABS light, and TCS light on. Codes read 1227 and 1234. Story timeline: 10 days ago the rear brake line gave out and had it replaced by a local Firestone dealer. A weeklater I then changed the brakes all around. New pads and rotors in front (rotors cleaned prior to install), new brake hose left front as it didn't allow the caliper to release after braking (brakes smoked excessively, only driven 7 miles total prior to repairing the brake hose; you can visually see both calipers engage and disengage now), new drums in back (shoes showed less than 1/2 wear, no issues getting the drums changed). Here's the problem: when braking hard over 40 mph you feel the ABS kick on and the car tends to lean to the front. It seems as if the problem was in the front left. I took it back to Firestone and they couldn't figure it out on this past Sunday but did replicate the issue. Then yesterday on Wednesday the lights came on. Took it back to Firestone and they couldn't figure it out even with the codes and getting it to replicate again intermittently. Gave the car back to me and told me to take it to a dealer. They inspected the work I did and said it was perfect. Do you have any ideas on what it may be? Thank you for your time I appreciate it!

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November, 1, 2012 AT 11:24 PM

Did you check the hand brake cables? Could be trying to lock up the wheels activating the abs.

What are the codes for the abs?


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