HAVE A 2001 4

2001 Chevrolet Blazer



December, 9, 2012 AT 6:46 PM

Have a 2001 4.3 l s-10 blazer, it spit and sputtered and shut off, while trying to start it, it was acting like the timing was off, popping through TBI. I have it a garage and they thought it was the timing chain and it wasn`t. They change cam sensor, crank sensor, they have spark and I sprayed starting fluid in the TBI and it still wont start, it backfires or sometimes shoots flames out the TBI, and also is there a spider unit in a TBI engine? Can you help me please!


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December, 9, 2012 AT 6:48 PM

There is a spiderunit under the maifold, scan for codes first to see what is iving a code if anything, check fuel pressure shold be 60-66psi. There is a later spider unit available for this vehicle.

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