2000 Jetta VR6 Three weeks ago I had the.

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2000 jetta VR6
Three weeks ago I had the clutch, and surpentine belt replaced on my car. I found yesterday that the front motor mount on the passangers side had a bolt snap (engine side). I limped it to another mechanic who said that the bolts were loose on the other motor mounts as well. Ever sense the clutch was replaced, I have been having vibrations at specific rpm ranges. The clutch mechanic said it could be the coil pack. It was replaced and no change in vibrations. I was going to take the car back to him however the motor mount broke an 45 minutes away.
Do you take the motor off the mounts for a clutch replacement?
Could an improperly installed fly wheel cause such vibrations?
I am not much of a car person, I only know the vibrations started after the clutch kit replacement and they are constant whether or not the clutch is engaged.

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Tuesday, February 26th, 2013 AT 5:35 PM

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The vibrations are most likely coming from the loose engine mounts. I would NOT let this mechanic work on your vehicle again.

To do a clutch on your vehicle the driver-side engine mount must be removed and the lower dog-bone mount has to be removed. The mount on the passenger side doesn't have to be touched for a clutch job.

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Thursday, March 28th, 2013 AT 3:47 AM

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