2000 Toyota Camry



July, 29, 2013 AT 7:33 AM

Hi Pros,

I had by check engine light come on with code P0420 and was told the car must have been built in California based on the converter. I live in Wisconsin now though and must get the light off to pass emissions here. I do not believe it is required by the state to have one, but the light obviously cannot be on to pass. I was looking for some advice on what to do. Should I try and remove it and clean it? Is it possible to replace with something else (I've read about a pipe or something), or do I just need to replace it? The estimate I got from a dealer is over 1400 and that seems ridiculous.


Thanks for your help,


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July, 29, 2013 AT 1:28 PM

Your going to need to replace the cat to get the light off you cant just clean it. Look under the hood of the car find the emissions label does it say California emissions or federal emissions?Also which engine do you have?Which cats did they give you a price for replacing?Get me me all that info so I can help you.

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