How to replace the lower intake manifold on a 2000 Lincoln LS.

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  • 2000 LINCOLN LS
  • 63,000 MILES

The upper intake has been replaced. The lower one has been identified.

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1. Release fuel pressure. Disconnect negative battery cable. Drain engine cooling system. Remove engine appearance cover. Remove air cleaner outlet tube. Disconnect throttle position sensor and idle air control solenoid electrical connectors. Disconnect accelerator and speed control cables.

2. Disconnect throttle body, coolant, PCV vapor purge and vacuum hoses. Disconnect EGR-to-exhaust manifold tube nut. Remove cowl vent screen. Remove vacuum hoses from mounting bracket. Remove bracket, and move accelerator and cruise control cables to one side. Disconnect differential pressure feedback EGR electrical connector.

3. Remove fuel pressure sensor shield. Disconnect vacuum hose from rear of upper intake manifold. Disconnect intake manifold tuning valve electrical connector. Disconnect exhaust vacuum regulator.

4. Remove upper intake support bolt. Remove upper intake manifold support bolt. Remove bolt and upper intake manifold. Inspect gaskets and discard as necessary. Disconnect fuel pressure sensor vacuum line. Disconnect fuel charging wiring harness connector.

5. Disconnect crankcase ventilation tube and move to one side. Remove lower intake manifold and fuel injection supply manifold as an assembly. Remove and inspect lower intake manifold gasket, replace with new gaskets, if necessary.

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