2000 Kia Sephia



October, 15, 2012 AT 5:58 AM

Hello I have a 2000 Kia Sephia base model and it recently has had trouble starting. At first it would start every once in a while run for a day or two then stop starting. Eventually it stopped starting all together. I replaced the battery and the fuel filter and a mechanic told me it has most likely it was the fuel pump. So I had the fuel pump replaced and to prime the fuel pump I tried starting the car. I tried starting it a couple times and the battery died so I got a jump and tried starting it again and the car finally started, I revved the engine a little while in neutral and all seemed well however after I stopped stepping on the gas pedal the car suddenly turned off (or stalled?) I tried starting it again and it started, ran in neutral for about 30 second then turned off again. This has been the result every time I try starting it what could be the problem now?

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October, 15, 2012 AT 6:55 AM

If you can keep the engine running with some pressure on the throttle, that would mean the idling speed is too low. Cleaning the throttle body and IAC should solve this.

If feathering the throttle does not keep engine running, it could be something else and you should start with a check for trouble codes.

You started replacing components when someone says so means it could be very costly and time wasting without getting the problem resolved.
You need to perform tests to locate the source of the problem before attempting to replace anything.

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