2000 Honda Civic



March, 18, 2013 AT 10:46 PM

Car cranks wont start has spark. Cant hear fuel pump run when key is on. Ran fine 1 day, wont run the next. Found the fuel pump access under the rear seat. Do not know where anything else is or what to look for or check. Help. Thanks. 2.00 bounty

2 Answers



March, 18, 2013 AT 10:51 PM

Before you rip into the fuel pump, use a pressure gauge to confirm the pump isn't working. If it isn't, then you need to check to see if there is power to the pump. If there is, then chances are the pump is bad. If there is no power, check the fuel pump relay to see if there is power to it and it is working.



March, 20, 2013 AT 6:39 PM

The relay clicks when key is turned on. The fuel pump does not make a sound. I was going to put power to the fuel pump directly but am confused by the maze of wires attatched to the top of the gas tank at the fuel pump access cover. Blue Black, brown, green, blue/white, green/white, yellow/white. Can you suggest which one(s) to put power to to see if the fuel pump will run? Or if I put power to the relay, will that provide power to the fuel pump? Thanks. Mike

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