2000 Ford Taurus


Steve J. Benson

November, 13, 2012 AT 2:31 PM

The drivers side front caliper is not releasing properly causing the rotor to heat up A LOT. Initially I thought the master cylinder was leaking as the pedal was slowly going down while holding the brake on. This was after bleeding the lines. I replaced the master cylinder and that problem was solved. At the same time I was smelling a nasty odor that I initially attributed to something dripping onto the manifold (which there was and before changing the master cylinder). Shortly after this I noticed the same smell and found the front left rotor heating up.I thought I had a failing caliper so I replaced it. 2 weeks later same thing. Faulty rebuild? Returned it, replaced it. 4 weeks later same thing starts again.
Could a glazed rotor cause excess heat that causes the caliper to heat up and bind? ( Sliders are sufficiently greased)
Could there be dirt in the brake line for that one wheel? (System bleeds with no problems)
Could this just be a sucky after-market product? (Fits OK with no play BUT it IS a low end remanufacter)
There are no kinks in the brake line or hose and this DID start with the same problem and original factory equipment.

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November, 13, 2012 AT 2:35 PM

Replace your hoses going to caliper on both sides they are probably collapsing and not letting fluid back to master. Make sure the caliper slides esily in bracket with no rust holding it up.

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