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What is the proceedure for complete cooling system and heater flush and refill and assure expulsion of all air from motor, radiator and heater core?
REFERENCE to "2000 Chrysler Cirrus 2.4L DOHC 4 cyl. Engine.

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To drain system, remove radiator cap drainplug at bottom of radiator. For engine block, there is a plug for draining coolant but I can't find any reference to the location.

Air in system will collect under radiator cap. As engine reaches operating temperature, coolant and any trapped air will enter reserve tank. As engine cools, a vacuum will be created which will draw only coolant into cooling system. After engine has gone
through a warm-up and cooling cycle, run engine until it again reaches operating temperature. Ensure coolant in reserve tank is at warm coolant mark on reserve tank or dipstick.

That is to mean it is self bleeding so what you need to do is to monitor the coolant level.

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