2000 Chevrolet Cavalier



January, 5, 2013 AT 5:10 PM

Brake pedal goes to the floor. Master cylinder not leaking, no lines are leaking or calipers/ wheel cylinders. Front pads and rear shoes we're replaced. They we're thin but not down to metel. Petal still goes to floor. Do I need bleed brakes and master cylinder.I did not open any lines, Or should I asume the master cylinder is bad. Thanks.


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January, 5, 2013 AT 8:57 PM

Most likely it's the master cylinder, especially if the front brake work was just recently done. Most master cylinders that are damaged are done by do-it-yourselfers or by drivers who are suddenly surprised by an external leak. With any master cylinder more than about a year old, you must never push the brake pedal more than half way to the floor. Crud and corrosion build up in the lower halves of the bores where the pistons don't normally travel. Running the pedal all the way down, as in when people bleed the brakes with a helper pushing the pedal, or when they run the caliper pistons out after installing new pads, causes the lip seals run over that crud and can rip them. Often that internal leakage doesn't show up for a few days.

There is another thing you have to watch out for that only applies to GM vehicles. You'll have to bench-bleed the new master cylinder before installing it on the car. If you allow one port to build a little pressure, a valve will trip and block two ports so no fluid will come out. We can discuss that further if it comes to that.



January, 5, 2013 AT 9:36 PM

Thank-you will try that. That was very helpful. Have a good 1

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