2000 Audi TT



August, 24, 2011 AT 10:16 AM

I gotta say, and I mean no disrespect by saying this. But I am very disappointed in the responses that I got from my last questions about my air conditioner in my Audi. I made two different donations, hoping this may help me to get more and better responses, but it didn't help.

If they don't know the answer to my questions, I would appreciate and respect the fact that someone says, "you know, you've kinda stumped me." That way at least I know that people have seen and discussed my question. Anyway.


A/c 02 L 300


Ac Will Not Turn On!!!


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August, 24, 2011 AT 10:48 AM

No sure who hit this question, can you let me know the problem and I will take a look at it now.



August, 24, 2011 AT 11:35 AM

I found your original posts, I see you are concerned with the refregrant being milky, this can be excessive moisture in the system, typically this is due to the system being opened for repairs and then not vaced down fully, I would consider having the system evacuated and fitting a new receiver dryer, (this is also the filter for the system) get the system vacced down and re charged with the correct amount of refregrant, this should be done with a twin manifold set and scales as the correct charge is paramount for correct operation, it would also be a good time to get the compressor oil changed as well, with the correct charge in the system and accurate manifold gauges a tech can pin point any other problems as most will give pressure anomalies.



August, 24, 2011 AT 9:58 PM


Thank you for a more in depth response. I really appreciate it.

If you look at my other question, telling what my car is doing, do you have any idea what would cause that?

Just to recap: When the car is stopped or driving very slow, the a/c is ice cold. But when I speed up it gets hot, within about 15 seconds. But if I stop at a redlight or drive super slow, it gets ice cold again, with about 15 seconds.

Any ideas? Thanks again for your time and efforts!



August, 24, 2011 AT 11:04 PM

I do feel that if the refregrant is still milky, excessive moisture is the problem, water in the coolant will freeze and cause the system to act up, until this is removed I feel that you will not be able to fully diagnosed any other problem, moisture mixed with the refrigerant will also cause a corrosive agent that can be quite damaging with in the system so I recommend having the system purged as described in my first post before hazzading a guess at any nother problem, second guessing only delays and increases cost in repairs on A/c and any automotive system for that matter.

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