1st cold morning, started van, heard whining.

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1st cold morning, started van, heard whining sound(I thought maybe pwrsteering or altn), did this for 3 days, 3rd day started van, heard some kind of ticking sound from front right wheel well. Few miles down road, abs and tcs light came on and it felt like I lost acceleration power, barely made it up hill to my house. Parked, hours later restarted, no abs or tcs light. Still had whining but now had burning smell coming from next to battery{I think from a hole in body panel leading down to right wheel well area). Changed front pads that day(old ones were trashed). Drove several miles, started to brake for red light, then, abs, tcs, & brake light came on, 10 seconds later, all dash lights start blinking, van starts sputerring on and off and dies 1/4 mile down road. Tried to restart, battery dead, someone boosted me, drove maybe a mile, it died again, battery dead, Had to tow home. Looked at ABS wire on rt frnt hub, no burn. Also engine now showing P0341 Cam Sensor. Related?

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Friday, December 7th, 2012 AT 2:31 AM

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Charge the battery and have it checked/load teseted and have charging system checked first. Then scan for abs problemafter doing battery and clearing codes, run again andsee if it does it, then fix it if it does.

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Friday, December 7th, 2012 AT 2:05 PM

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