Intake manifold

  • 1999 LEXUS LS 400
How do you remove the intake manifold on a 1999 LS 400 lexus
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Friday, August 19th, 2011 AT 12:50 AM

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Ensure negative battery cable is disconnected. Drain cooling system. Disconnect timing belt from camshaft sprockets. TIMING BELT. Remove camshaft sprockets. Remove camshaft position sensor.
Disconnect power steering pump. Remove front exhaust pipe from between catalytic converters on exhaust manifolds and rear exhaust pipe. Remove catalytic converters from exhaust manifolds. Remove ignition coils.
Disconnect throttle and accelerator pedal position sensor connectors from intake manifold. Disconnect throttle control motor connector. Disconnect VSV connector for EVAP and ACIS.
Disconnect 8 injector connectors and noise filter connector. Disconnect camshaft timing oil control valve connector. Disconnect PCV hose from PCV valve on left cylinder head.
Disconnect EVAP hose from charcoal canister. Disconnect power steering air hose from intake manifold. Disconnect heater hose from rear water by-pass pipe. Disconnect vacuum hose.
Disconnect No. 1 and 7 water by-pass hoses from front water by-pass joint. Disconnect 2 wire clamps from throttle body. Remove 2 nuts and accelerator cable bracket. Remove 4 bolts and 3 "V" bank cover brackets.
Disconnect 2 wire clamps from wire clamp bracket on right delivery pipe. Remove bolt and wire clamp from right front bearing cap. Remove 3 bolts, and disconnect engine wire protector from rear water by-pass joint and right cylinder head. Remove bolt and VSV for EVAP.
Remove bolt and wire clamp bracket from left cylinder cover. Remove 4 bolts, and disconnect engine wire protector from intake manifold and left front bearing cap. Remove bolts, nuts, intake manifold assembly and gaskets.
Remove water inlet and inlet housing assembly. Disconnect ECT sensor and sender gauge connectors. Remove nuts, water by-pass joint and gaskets.
Remove VVT sensors. Remove engine hangers. Remove oil dipsticks and guide for A/T vehicles. Remove 9 bolts, 9 seal washers, cylinder head cover and gasket. Remove 2 cylinder head covers.
If necessary, remove semi-circular plugs. Remove camshaft timing oil control valves. To avoid valve/piston interference, rotate crankshaft so timing mark points toward No. 2 idler pulley. See Fig. 8. Remove camshafts. See CAMSHAFT.
Disconnect oxygen sensor connectors, ground cables engine wiring protector from cylinder heads. Loosen cylinder head bolts in sequence using several steps. See Fig. 9. Remove cylinder head bolts, washers, cylinder head and cylinder head gasket. Remove exhaust manifolds and gaskets from cylinder head.
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