Honda ex VTEC D16Y8 5 speed manual transmission

  • 1999 HONDA CIVIC
  • 135,000 MILES

Honda ex vtec D16Y8 5 speed manual transmission. I have no power when I need to power to climb any type of incline.I changed the timing belt also the fuel filter. Not blowing any smoke the compression is fine. But when I need any type of acceleration on an incline the speedometer and rpm go down I have to downshift to 2nd gear. The mpg also went down What could be wrong? Thanks for any help

Monday, December 31st, 2012 AT 6:29 PM

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Did this occur before or after replacement of timing belt?
Was the exhaust system checked for clogging?
Was fuel pressure checked?
Is throttle opening fully when pedal is depressed? (Ensure floor mat is not restricting accelerator movement and cable does not have too much slack.)

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Tuesday, January 1st, 2013 AT 5:05 PM

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