1999 Chevrolet Astro



February, 26, 2011 AT 11:32 PM

I am changing the timing chain on a '99 astro. I can't remove the oil pan. I have removed all the bolts at the bottom of the pan (10), the ones attached horizontally (2), the ones for the lines 1 left 1 right, the starter and the oil filter. The oil pan will not budge even with a few blows with a mallet. How do I remove the oil pan?


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February, 27, 2011 AT 12:39 AM

Removal Procedure
Disconnect the battery negative cable.
Remove the oil level indicator.
Raise the vehicle and support it with approved safety stands.
Remove the oil pan drain plug and drain the engine oil into a suitable container.
Remove the oil filter.
Remove the bolt holding the oil cooler pipes bracket to the oil pan.
Remove the oil filter adapter.
Remove the bolt holding the bracket for the starter wiring harness and the transmission cooler pipes.
Remove the Crankcase Position (CKP) sensor wiring harness from the retainer.
Remove the starter.
Remove the transmission cover.
Remove the access plugs for the oil pan rear nuts.
Remove the following oil pan fasteners: Remove the oil pan bolts.
Remove the two nuts at the crankshaft rear oil seal housing.
Remove the transmission to oil pan bolts and nuts.
Remove the oil pan from the engine.
Clean all sealing surfaces on the engine and the oil pan.

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