1998 Toyota Avalon



November, 18, 2012 AT 12:38 PM

I have more than one question. My car had automatic AC controls and when I turn the temperature knob from cold to hot out stays cold. If I get under the good and switch this switch the other way that its located near the engine it will get cold but I have to switch it back for it to get cold.I think it is called the heater control valve. How to fix it. What its an approximate cost to fix. Is it expensive

another question I have is periodically the AC will just go off. The button will not light note any of the air control flows (like air just on face, face and feet, just feet etc). If I drive for a little bit and turn the car off and back on it will pop back on.I read that this is a known problem with alvalons of my year.

also my outside temperature does not show up. How to fix. Am I missing a thermometer or something.

also my cigarette lighter does not work. Its not thefuse since it shares with the radio.I assume I need a new cigarette lighter. How to remove the old one because it is housed in a ready that pulls out with the ash tray. Is that correct that I need a new one? If so where do you Get them. Can one that is in my ninety nine four runner fit it but of course I don't know how to take off

sorry for all the questions


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November, 18, 2012 AT 3:08 PM

Your question about the heater seems to be confusing and my guess is the heater is not working and if you manually tun the heater control valve it starts to produce heat (cold was mentioned)?

Problem should be caused by a faulty air-mix servomotor. Water valve control cable opens and closes the valve under hood and if this is the one causing the problem, check the cable adjustment. Ensure the cable is not dislodged.

When the A/C light goes off, it means the compressor is not working. You need to test if it is the controls that is causing the problem or a faulty A/C clutch or its relay.

Without testing the lighter power supply, it is not possible to know if it is faulty or you have a bad circuit. The wires behind it could be dislodged. To remove it you would have to take the panel out. We don't have any information for the removal so I am not able to provide you with the procedures.

A test light or DVOM would be required to perform testings.



November, 19, 2012 AT 9:50 PM

When I was referring the the heater issue. If I go under the hood and turn the heater control valve the opposite way of what it is already on, then the heat will come out no matter if I set teh temperature to 65 or 85 and if I turn the heater control valve the way it was originally then nothing but cold air comes out no matter what the temperature is. Basically, I am manually switching my car from hot to cold. Could it be the cable that connects the heater control valve to the knob controls or the heater control valve itself? What ever the problem might be, is this an expensive process?

Also, my car does not show the outside temperature on the clock display anymore, what might this be.

I read that the 98 avalon xls had an a/c problem with the servo or something like that. It causes the a/c or something to move too quickly, but after a little driving or being off for a few minutes it kicks back on so that is no problem, I just want my air to switch automatically from heat to cold without me going under the hood.



November, 20, 2012 AT 1:04 PM

When turning to heat, the control valve cable should move and if it is not moving, which is what is happening in your case, you need to check the temperature control knob and the the cable. See if cable is dislodged at knob side.

If you have no heat no matter if the valve is opened or closed, that would be with the air-mix servomotor.

Our database do not have any information as to the operations of the water valve cable except to check its adjustment.



December, 27, 2012 AT 7:29 PM

My car does not show the outside temperature. It is just blank. How do I fix. What is the part called? I know they say that the sensor is located near the front bumper but I dont see anything so what is the sensor called and is it hard to replace



December, 28, 2012 AT 2:35 PM

That is the A/C Ambient Temperature Sensor and replacement is rather simple. It is located on lower right, front of grille.

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