The problem I am having is after miles of.

  • 1998 HONDA CIVIC
  • 169,000 MILES

The problem I am having is after miles of driving, when the engine should be really warm it starts to surge just a little at idle(you can hear it out the tailpipe bum. Bum. Bum). Also in every single gear it falls on its face when you let off the gas and surges when you press the gas, if I set the cruise control it does the same thing.
I took it to a shop and they replaced a couple of messed up vaccum lines but the problem is still there. Some mechanics at the shop told me the radiator had no pressure they removed the cap with the engine hot and no coolant shot up( dont know if thats relavent).
Also its seemed to stop surging(at least at idle)when the MAF was unpluged but im not sure if that is relavent either.
The only modification to the car that I know of thats relavent is that it has performace fuel injectors(or at least thats what I was told).

I dont know if you guys can help but Im at a loss about to take it to the Honda dealer if I can't figure it out in hopes that they can.


Thursday, February 7th, 2013 AT 4:04 AM

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I am going to give you a walk through diagnostic that will take you through the most likely possiblities. Just use the link below to get to it;

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Thursday, February 7th, 2013 AT 11:49 AM

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