1998 Ford Taurus



October, 9, 2013 AT 9:34 AM

My 1998 ford Taurus LX wagon has intermittent problems starting. Will start perfectly fine and right away and on occasion it won't start for several hours. I hear the car cranking (starter going) to turn on but the engine does not go. Mechanics can't diagnose it because the car will start when they go to start it. This has been going on for several months and does not seem to be getting any better or worse.

My concern is that I have the car towed to a shop and now two mechanics now can't tell me what it is because it's not doing it when they try to start the car, it starts for them right away. We've replaced the crank position sensor two times. I don't know if something is causing it to go bad, or if it's not even the problem and the mechanic was just saying that. I'm totally lost!

HELP I get stranded for no apparent reason and then there is nothing to fix. I'm going to get ripped off again for work that doesn't fix the problem.



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October, 9, 2013 AT 9:56 AM

There is no good solution for your problem. The car HAS to be in a failed state to be able to test anything. You can guess and start throwing parts at it until your wallet is empty and still not have it fixed. Intermittent problems are the worst to find.

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