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This is an automatic. How do I check transmission oil and add if needed?

Sunday, November 4th, 2012 AT 6:18 PM

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The early models had a dipstick, if yours does not have one, then you need a scan tool that connects to the TCM (Transmission Control Module)
in order to "see" the fluid temperature.

The oil pan has a small 5mm allen bolt at the rear corner. With the vehicle raised & supported "level", the engine is started and the shifter
is moved through all gears. The fluid level is checked while in PARK. Fluid temperature needs to be checked at around 35c. Remove the small
bolt. Fluid should drip out of the hole at said temperature.

*** There will be an initial flow of fluid (due to the raised level tube being full from driving) that is in the pan. ***

Fluid is added at the front filler tube (black cap with a red plastic locking tab around it.

Use VW Fluid only.

Final drive gear oil is checked & added by removing the speedo drive gear on top of the differential.


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