Water pump

  • 1997 SATURN SL1
  • 4 CYL
  • FWD
  • 130,000 MILES
How would I change my water pump on my 1997 saturn sl?
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Thursday, December 9th, 2010 AT 3:13 PM

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WARNING: Do not remove cap or open cooling system drains from a hot system. Allow system to cool first.

1. Drain coolant. Open the radiator drain plug and engine drain plug, and allow the coolant to drain into a suitable container. A two gallon container is required.

2. Remove accessory drive belt.

WARNING: Be sure the vehicle is securely supported. To help avoid personal injury when a vehicle is on a hoist, provide additional support for the vehicle on the opposite end from which components are being removed.

3. Jack or raise vehicle on a hoist.
4. Remove the right hand tire and inner wheel well splash shield.

CAUTION: The A/C compressor mounting bolts can also be removed and the compressor laid aside to access the water pump if the pump is accessed from the top. Do not discharge the A/C system.

Spray the water pump hub with a penetrate oil to loosen any rust that may prevent the pulley from being easily removed. If the pulley is pried off the hub and bent, it must be replaced to prevent accessory drive belt failures.

5. Remove water pump pulley bolts and allow pulley to hang freely on pump hub.

NOTE: A 25.4 mm (1 inch) block of wood or hammer handle can be used as a wedge between the crankshaft and water pump pulleys to hold the water pump pulley from turning when loosening the pulley bolts.

Pulley bolts are removed to allow pulley to be moved outward and allow access to water pump flange bolts. Pulley and pump are then removed as an assembly.

6. Remove the six water pump flange attachment bolts.

7. Remove water pump and pulley assembly.

CAUTION: If it is difficult to remove the water pump, tap it with a gasket scraper under the flange. Use extreme care and do not damage or scratch the machined aluminum cylinder block, surface leaks will result.

8. Remove any gasket material from cylinder block and water pump flange.


1. Install a new gasket on the pump flange.

NOTE: A small dab of silicone or gasket sealant will be required at the outer edges of bolt holes to hold the gasket in place during pump installation.

2. Install the pulley loosely on the water pump hub. Do not install the pulley bolts.

3. Install the water pump and pulley on the engine.

NOTE: A small mark (bump) is located next to one attachment bolt. The mark is positioned at the 11 o'clock position during installation of the water pump. Torque the bolts in the sequence shown. Torque to30 Nm (22 ft. Lbs.).

4. Install pulley on pump hub. The pulley can be held using a strap wrench, block of wood or hammer handle. Torque to25 Nm (19 ft. Lbs.).

NOTE: If the pump pulley hub end extending through the pulley is rusty, clean it with a wire brush and apply a thin coat of primer paint to prevent the pulley from rusting on the hub.

5. Install accessory drive belt. See Engine.
6. Install right hand side wheel house splash shield and tire.
7. Close radiator drain plug and install cylinder block drain plug. Torque cylinder block drain plug to 35 Nm (26 ft. Lbs.).

NOTE: The vehicle must be level when filling with coolant.

8. Remove pressure cap and fill the system with coolant. Use only a non-phosphate ethylene glycol-base coolant, mixed according to the manufacturer's specification.
9. Start engine.
10. Fill the cooling system surge tank to the FULL COLD line after engine has run two to three minutes. Install pressure cap and check for leaks.
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