My name is Jim Moss at 440-708-4339 I washed the.

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My name is Jim Moss at 440-708-4339 I washed the engine of this car while it was running. It stalled and would not restart until cool down and getting water out of top of plugs and any other connection that might of had water in it. It would start then after warm up would stall. Looking at computer connections for water and putting harness back on a couple times I bent a pin on ecu. Tried to straighten and it broke off. Replaced ecu, I noticed bottom of rad. Hose not heating up. Replaced water thermo sta. Determined t/stat was not opening by removing and putting in boiling water. Would not open. Put new one in. Checked all fuses. OK. I can not think of what else to check. It only stalls after engine warm-up
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Saturday, February 23rd, 2013 AT 3:39 PM

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You know it's not a fuse problem because they don't magically fix themselves and work sometimes. When it stalls, will it restart if you hold the gas pedal down 1/4"? If it does, it's just because the new computer hasn't relearned "minimum throttle".

The Engine Computer has to relearn minimum throttle before it will know when it must be in control of idle speed. It also might not give you the normal "idle flare-up" to 1500 rpm when you start the engine. To meet the conditions for the relearn to take place, drive at highway speed with the engine warmed up, then coast for at least seven seconds without touching the brake or gas pedals.

If it stalls even while driving at a steady speed and won't restart until it cools down for about a half hour, the camshaft position sensor or crankshaft position sensor is failing by becoming heat-sensitive. There should be a diagnostic fault code in the Engine Computer. Reading those codes will identify the circuit or system that needs further diagnosis.
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Saturday, February 23rd, 2013 AT 4:32 PM

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