Hw to change oil pan gasket on a97tbird 4. Engine?

  • 240,000 MILES
How to change oil pan gasket on a97ford tbird 4.6.
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Wednesday, June 20th, 2012 AT 11:48 PM

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Disconnect battery ground cable (14301).
Remove air cleaner outlet tube (9B659).
Drain engine cooling system and remove cooling fan motor/fan blade (8600) and fan shroud (8146) assembly.
Relieve fuel system pressure and disconnect fuel lines. See Powertrain Management.
Remove upper radiator hose (8260).
Remove windshield wiper governor (17C476) and support bracket.
Recover air conditioning system. See Heating and Air Conditioning.
Disconnect air conditioning compressor outlet hose at A/C compressor (19703) and remove bolt retaining hose to RH ignition coil bracket.
Remove fuel charging wiring, 42-pie connector from retaining bracket on power brake booster (2005).
Disconnect 42-pin connector and 8-pin connector.
Remove EGR backpressure transducer and disconnect heater water hose (18472).

Remove stud bolts retaining heater water hose to RH cylinder head (6049) and Position out of way.
Remove heater blower motor switch resistor (18591).
Remove bolt retaining RH front engine support insulator (6038) to front sub-frame (5C145).
Disconnect vacuum hose from EGR valve (9D475) and EGR backpressure transducer hoses from EGR valve to exhaust manifold tube (9D477).
Remove two bolts retaining EGR valve to throttle body adapter.
Raise vehicle on a hoist.
Drain engine oil.

NOTE: Two through bolts required for LH front engine support insulator and one through bolt required for RH front engine support insulator.

Remove front engine support insulator through bolts.
Remove EGR valve to manifold tube nut from RH exhaust manifold (9430) and remove EGR valve to exhaust manifold tube.
Disconnect three way catalytic converter (TWC) (5E212) from RH and LH exhaust manifolds.

Lower exhaust and secure to crossmember in positions shown with wire.
Position a screw-type jackstand and a block of wood under oil pan (6675), rearward of oil drains hole.
Raise engine approximately 100 mm (4 inches).
Insert two wood blocks approximately 60-70 mm (2.5-2.75 inches) thick under each front engine support insulator.
Lower engine onto wood blocks and remove jack from under oil pan.
With a screw-type jackstand raise the extension housing (7A039) of the transmission slightly to remove oil pan.

NOTE: It may be necessary to loosen (do not remove) the two nuts on transmission support insulator (6068).

Remove bolts retaining oil pan to engine. Remove oil pan.

If necessary, remove two bolts retaining oil pump screen cover and tube (6622) to oil pump (66003 and remove bolt retaining oil pump screen cover and tube to main bearing stud spacer. Remove oil pump screen cover and tube.

Good luck, very labor intensive job

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