1997 Dodge Dakota heater blower motor

  • V8
  • 4WD
  • 120,000 MILES
Blower motor does not work. It needs to be replaced. How do I replace it?
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Tuesday, October 13th, 2015 AT 9:53 AM

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Has the fan motor actually been diagnosed as defective? This is a really big job and you should have a copy of the manufacturer's service manual. This is the procedure from Mitchell ProDemand:

Disconnect negative battery cable. Remove instrument panel from vehicle.

Removal & Installation

Disable air bag system. See the AIR BAG RESTRAINT SYSTEM article. Place front wheels in straight-ahead position. Remove sill trim from both doorways. Remove kick panel covers from both sides of vehicle. Remove mounting screws for hood release handle.
Remove steering column trim panel and support bracket. Remove tilt steering column lever (if equipped). Remove upper and lower shrouds from steering column. Unplug driver's side air bag module. Loosen multi-function switch wiring harness connector screw and disconnect from switch. Screw will remain in connector.
Disconnect PRNDL cable. Disconnect shifter cable from steering column. Remove steering coupler lock pin. Remove toe plate retaining screws. Remove steering column mounting bolts and remove steering column from vehicle.
Remove screw from bulkhead wiring harness connector and disconnect. Disconnect 2 body wiring harness connectors located next to bulkhead connector. Disconnect 3 wiring harness connectors located nearest to dash panel from junction block. Disconnect brake light switch connector. Disconnect Rear Wheel Anti-Lock (RWAL) brake module (if equipped), located near steering column support brackets.
Disconnect plastic retainer clip from parking brake linkage rod, located at back of parking brake release handle. Remove rod end from parking brake handle. Remove instrument panel center support bracket. Unplug vacuum harness connector located at left end of A/C-heater housing. Disconnect Air Bag Control Module (ACM) connector.
Remove glove box. Reach through glove box opening and disconnect antenna coaxial cable connector. Disconnect blower motor connector located above glove box opening, near support brace for A/C-heater housing. Disconnect radio ground strap. Loosen instrument panel roll down bracket bolts about 2 turns, located at lower corners on both sides of instrument panel. Remove 5 screws across top of dash panel at base of windshield, removing center screw last.
Roll down instrument panel and install a temporary support hook that is about 18 inches in length. Install hook from center hole in instrument panel to center hole of dash panel. Pull lower instrument panel outward until both roll down bracket bolts are in slotted roll down position. Instrument panel should now be supported and away from firewall.
Disconnect 2 door jumper wiring harness connectors, located on a bracket near right end of instrument panel. Disconnect blower motor resistor. Disconnect temperature control cable from A/C-heater housing and remove from housing. Disconnect demister duct flexible hose from A/C-heater housing.
Ensure all electrical and vacuum connectors are disconnected and instrument panel is free and clear for removal. With the aid of an assistant, remove temporary support hook. Lift instrument panel off of roll down bracket bolts and remove from vehicle.
To install, reverse removal procedure. Ensure all wiring and hoses are clear and not pinched. Tighten bolts and nuts to specification. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS. Enable air bag system. See the AIR BAG RESTRAINT SYSTEM article.

Disconnect blower motor lead at bottom of housing. Remove 2 screws at top blower housing. Remove 5 screws from front of blower housing. Separate blower housing/air inlet from main heater housing unit. Remove 3 blower motor screws and wheel from rear of main heater housing unit. To install, reverse removal procedure.
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