1996 Jeep Laredo



March, 7, 2013 AT 1:16 PM

Hi my name is Raye I live in ct I recently had this 96 gcl given to me at first the muffler was blown and the jeep stalled and backfired after searching forums I saw that there was a recall on my jeep fora cat. Convert. And PCm. I took it to dealership sure enough but I had to get muffler fixed I put one on it blew within days. Dealership then told me the front pipe going down from engine to cat. Was welded that was the problem for misfiringWelding! And before they could do recalls that and the muffler needed to fixed. So the muffler shop told me front pipe was okay they just cut where weldedand put extended pipe to fit exactly in also my o2 sensor was bad. Anyway after paying 127.00 for o2 sensorand getting that cat on and pcm flashed the truck didn't backfired muffler stay on. My truck still stalled . After reading forums after forums and getting a p340 code I called a friend in AK. He's really good mechanic over the phone lol he said these jeeps have sensors many sensors try the crankshaft and camshaft I saw that the distributor was new spark plugs and wiring new recent tune up had oil change uh o valve cover gasket needed to be replace a leak nothing I can do that by myself so I went to a repair shop who told me the same crankshaft sensor 140 all together smh not! So I check a local mechanic who wanted to drop my motor and was more concerned about the new plugs and valve leak then what I needed him to do so I told him he couldn't wouldn't drop my motor and yes it was in a difficult spot but you shouldn't need my car for days lol anyway I found a friend I new had did some work on a Buick I had he looked and asked questionhow and was I sure this was the problem I don't know let's try so 25 dollars and he put it in 30 mins maybe 45 not moving the motor he also said I needed to fix that leak around the oil thingy lol we tested the truck it didn't stayat 1 it between but not stalling when idling why won't it stay at 1? OK a half hour later I took it for a spin I got betweenhalf a block it act as tho it wanted to stall but didn't it ran smooth stop at burger joint turn off came back turned on drove home no problem I'm going to try it today to see if it stalls should I take it to autozone to get it rescanned see if a cold pop up I know my dash reads coolant sensor bad car never over heated and friend took very good of truck


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March, 7, 2013 AT 1:21 PM

Using cellphone sorry for misspelled words and missing words. It automatically puts words in on touchscreen Android lol



March, 7, 2013 AT 2:38 PM

Scan for codes and check fuelpressure first what is the problem now?

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